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Here’s our up-coming historical calendar.

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2017: 1862: In Their Words (A new blog post every Monday on Gazette665)

2017: 19th Century American Maritime: A New Look at Sailing, Whaling, Lightkeeping, & Blockade Running (A new blog post every Wednesday on Gazette665)


June 2017: Who’s Watching? Civil War Spies (A new blog post every Friday in June on Gazette665)

July 2017: Farmers Against The King’s Men? Battles 1775-1781 (A new blog post every Friday in July on Gazette665)

July: Old Fort MacArthur Days – date and details TBD

August 2017: Rebuilding? – Observations on the Reconstruction Era (A new blog post every Friday in August on Gazette665)

September 2017: Goin’ West (A new blog post every Friday in September on Gazette665)

September 2-3: Huntington Beach Civil War Days – Booksigning at Kansas Mercantile; Event details here.

October 2017: Reformation: Changed Hearts, Changed World (A new blog post every Friday in October on Gazette665)

November 2017: Thanksgiving Through The Decades (A new blog post every Friday in November on Gazette665)

December 2017: You’re Singing History, Part III (A new blog post every Friday in December on Gazette665)


February 2018: Lincoln Memorial Shrine Living History Day – date and details TBD

June 2, 2018: American Civil War Conference – More details coming

And…who know what else? Life’s an adventure…teach the past, but live in the present!