10 Things You Should Know About Queen Philippa of Hainault

This queen’s power as Regent of England and her influence on the court and country are often overshadowed by the military happenings and disease sweeping through Europe during her lifetime. Queen Philippa of England has been “lost” in many history books, and even her image may have been significantly altered through the centuries.

Today, we’ll uncover ten things you should know about this remarkable queen: Continue reading

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2018 Civil War Conference: Historical Displays

One of the joys of conference coordinating is reading the surveys after the event. What did guests like? What do they suggest for improvements? How can this shape the plans for the next conference?

At the first conference, we had seven speakers and short breaks; guests wanted longer breaks. The second year we had six speakers, longer breaks, and bored guests. This year – lucky number three[?] – we’re trying to find a happy balance. Six speakers, moderate breaks, and something to do during the breaks!

Gazette665 is very excited and proud to expand the learning opportunities at the 2018 Conference, inviting more presenters to share their research and artifacts through historical displays. (We trialed the idea in 2017 with a single display.) Today’s blog post introduces the wonderful researchers and groups presenting special historical displays during the afternoon breaks at the 1863: Battling For Freedom. Continue reading

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1863: “At Such A Price”

General Orders, No. 61

[Headquarters] Army of Northern Virginia,

May 11, 1863.

With deep grief the commanding general announces to the army the death of Lieut. Gen. T.J. Jackson, who expired on the 10th instant, at 3:15 p.m. The daring skill, and energy of this great and good soldier, by the decree of an all-wise Providence, are now lost to us. But while we mourn his death, we feel that his spirit still lives, and will inspire the whole army with his indomitable courage and unshaken confidence in God as our hope and strength. Let his name be a watchword to his corps, who have followed him to victory on so many fields. Let officers and soldiers emulate his invincible determination to do everything in defense of our beloved country. Continue reading

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Tea With Sarah: It’s All About The Medieval Era

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

I’m trying out a new recipe in the kitchen today. It’s a sponge cake with a whipped cream frosting and strawberries for Mother’s Day celebrations! I think it would be good with a cup of tea, too…

Since theme of the month is “Medieval Queens,” I thought it might be a good time to answer some questions about my interest in the Middle Ages and – hopefully – discover if you find this era interesting! Don’t forget to leave a comment and add to the conversation. Continue reading

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10 Things You Should Know About Berengaria of Navarre

If history books mention this queen at all, it’s often only to repeat the legend with a little truth that she was Queen of England, but never set foot on English soil. How did that happen? Or did it?

Read on to discover ten important facts about this remarkable woman, the legends and shadows of her history, and the known details of her life and brief reign as England’s “unseen” queen. Continue reading

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2018 Civil War Conference: Meet The Speakers, Part 2

Last week we introduced three of the six speakers for Gazette665’s Third Annual Civil War History Conference, and today you’ll “meet” three more talented individuals, sharing their speaker bios and a little information about how I (conference coordinator) met them.

Save the date and don’t forget to register! Saturday, June 2, 2018 Continue reading

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