1861: In Their Words

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their Words

This page is an archive of blog posts from the series 1861: In Their Words.

The series began in April 2016 and concluded in December 2016. Exploring the thoughts, feelings, actions, and consequences of real people caught in the turmoil of civil war, 1861: In Their Words provides a quote with contextual background regarding the author, location, or event.

Bombardment_of_Fort_Sumter(3b52027r)1861: In Their Words – An Introduction

1861: “At Half-Past Four…A Cannon” (Fort Sumter)

1861: “The States Are Sovereign”

1861: “Troubles & Thorns Innumerable”

1861: “We Must Not Be Enemies”

1861: “Is It Wise To Attempt It?”

1861: “A United North”

1861: “I Have Resigned My Commission”

1861: “A Complete Blockade”

1861: “Your Officers Will Order You To Fire”

Susan and Frank Jones1861: Directions About Home

1861: “Nothing, But Resistance To Rebellion Can Save Us”

1861: “If I Slept In The Pig Pen”

1861: “His Soul Goes Marching On…”

1861: “The Slavery Question In This Camp”

1861: “We Did Not Realize Our First Battle Was So Near At Hand”

1861: “Like A Stonewall”

1861: “Are We Really Seeing A Battle Now?”

1861: “A More Awful Sight I Never Witnessed”

1861: “I Could Become Dictator…”

1861: “We Could See The Enemy Plainly”

George B. McClellan1861: “Get Through The Day With The Least Tedium Possible”

1861: “Modify That Paragraph So As To Conform”

1861: “Is He Not A Man?”

1861: “Newly Created Brigadiers”

1861: “I Have Never Contemplated A Long War”

1861: “Come And Keep House For Me?”

1861: “This Governor, Is For Your Own Eye”

1861: “Lost In The Potomac”

battle_of_balls_bluff1861: “Behaved As Well As If On The Parade Ground”

1861: “You Are The First Brigade”

1861: “The Victory Was Most Complete”

1861: “We Shall Depend Upon Ourselves”

1861: “Extremely Ornamental”

1861: “I Am Half-Mad With Vexation And Despair”

1861: “For A Vast Future Also”

1861: “A Glorious Indifference Is Coming Over Me”

1861: “I Send You Some Sweet Violets”

1861: “Nobody Knows His Plans”

1861: In Their Words – Conclusion