1862: In Their Words

1862_-in-their-wordsThis page is an archive of blog posts from the series 1862: In Their Words.

The series began in January 2017 and will continue for the entire year. Exploring the thoughts, feelings, actions, and consequences of real people caught in the turmoil of civil war, 1862: In Their Words provides a quote with contextual background regarding the author, location, or event.

George B. McClellan

George B. McClellan

1862: “The Best Man For The Place

1862: “We Have The Greater Numbers”

1862: “Now That Begins To Look Like Business”

1862: “How I Long To Hear From You”

1862: “I Cannot Expect To Be Of Much Service In The Field”

1862: “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory”

1862: “An Unconditional and Immediate Surrender”

1862: “Too Much Scattered”

1862: “The Final Result In Our Favor Is Not Doubtful”

1862: “The Gradual Abolishment Of Slavery”

Battle of Hampton Roads, March 9, 1862

1862: “The Power & Endurance Of Iron-Clad Vessels”

1862: “Victory Attends Us”

1862: “A New Era In Warfare”

1862: “You Must Act”

1862: “No Equal On This Continent”

1862: “The Fight At Shiloh”

1862: “Hereby Authorized To Call Out And Place In The Military Service

1862: “The Most Desperate Fight And Greatest Naval Achievement On Record”

General Joseph E. Johnston

1862: “Mud Took The Military Valor”

1862: “Better Die Here…”

1862: “A Week Of Intense Excitement”

1862: “Long And Rapid Marches”

1862: “General Johnston Brought In Wounded”

1862: “Our People Are Opposed To Work”

1862: “Crude Procedures”

1862: “Helpless Woman That I Am!”

1862: “It Is The Practice Of The Commander Of The Conquering Army To Protect”

1862: “You Have Done Your Best To Sacrifice This Army”

Sarah Morgan (no known restrictions)

1862: “A Confederate War Vessel”

1862: “Let Us Look Before Us, Not Behind”

1862: “We Are Spartans”

1862: “I Must Save This Government If Possible”

1862: “Willing To Exterminate Us”

1862: “Treated As Outlaws”

1862: “Personal Wish That All Men Everywhere Could Be Free”

1862: “A Fair Exchange Of Prisoners”

1862: “Near Manassas Junction”

1862: “Attainment Of An Honorable Peace”

1862: “I Enclose A Special Order…”

1862: “A Thread Of Read That Looked Like Blood”

1862: “The Proclamation For Emancipating The Slaves”

1862: “Lincoln Will Take No Backward Step”

1862: “Corinth, With Its Enormous Fortifications”

1862: “If Only We Could Be Together Once More…”

1862: “We Must Beat Him Somewhere”

1862: “You Could Scarcely Believe The Number Of Wounded”

1862: “The People Are All Very Kind”

1862: “There Are About 450 Men With Our Regiment Now”

1862: “I am Sick & Tired Of The Whole Business”

1862: “Poor Fredericksburg!”

1862: “War Is So Terrible”

1862: Harper’s Images of Fredericksburg

1862: “We Had No Christmas”