1863: In Their Words

This page is an archive of blog posts from the series 1863: In Their Words.

The series begins in January 2018 and will continue for the entire year. Exploring the thoughts, feelings, actions, and consequences of real people caught in the turmoil of civil war, 1863: In Their Words provides a quote with contextual background regarding the author, location, or event.

Francis Bicknell Carpenter’s “First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln”

1863: “Henceforward Shall Be Free”

1863: “Bullets Plowed Little Furrows”

1863: “Get Into A Battle With Snowballs”

1863: “We Will Give A Checkmate To The Foreign Hopes Of The Rebels”

1863: “Shall I Send Him Home?”

1863: “You Have Taken Counsel Of Your  Ambition”

1863: “Visited Armory-Square Hospital”

1863: “Friends Among Strangers”

General Joseph Hooker

1863: “Tis Folly To Say The People Must Have News”

1863: “How Completely Milroy Is Circumvented…”

1863: “Who Can Count The Cost Of War?”

1863: “Learn To Know The Hearts Of My Abused And Suffering People!”

1863: “Use Your Official And Personal Influence To Remove Prejudice”

1863: “Next Day We Went…To Look At The Camps”

1863: “Increased Religion Among Our Troops Here”

1863: “I Wish I Was Home”


General T.J. Jackson

1863: “I Am In No Hurry To Get Into Anymore Battles”

1863: “I Hope So Soon As Practicable To Attack” 

1863: “At Such A Price”

1863: “The 2nd Maine Started For Home This Morning”