1863: In Their Words

This page is an archive of blog posts from the series 1863: In Their Words.

The series begins in January 2018 and will continue for the entire year. Exploring the thoughts, feelings, actions, and consequences of real people caught in the turmoil of civil war, 1863: In Their Words provides a quote with contextual background regarding the author, location, or event.

Francis Bicknell Carpenter’s “First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln”

1863: “Henceforward Shall Be Free”

1863: “Bullets Plowed Little Furrows”

1863: “Get Into A Battle With Snowballs”

1863: “We Will Give A Checkmate To The Foreign Hopes Of The Rebels”

1863: “Shall I Send Him Home?”

1863: “You Have Taken Counsel Of Your  Ambition”

1863: “Visited Armory-Square Hospital”

1863: “Friends Among Strangers”

General Joseph Hooker

1863: “Tis Folly To Say The People Must Have News”

1863: “How Completely Milroy Is Circumvented…”

1863: “Who Can Count The Cost Of War?”

1863: “Learn To Know The Hearts Of My Abused And Suffering People!”

1863: “Use Your Official And Personal Influence To Remove Prejudice”

1863: “Next Day We Went…To Look At The Camps”

1863: “Increased Religion Among Our Troops Here”

1863: “I Wish I Was Home”

General T.J. Jackson

1863: “I Am In No Hurry To Get Into Anymore Battles”

1863: “I Hope So Soon As Practicable To Attack” 

1863: “At Such A Price”

1863: “The 2nd Maine Started For Home This Morning”

1863: “Sense Enough To Withstand Any Amount Of Seditious Nonsense”

1863: “One Of The Brigades Is Wholly German”

1863: “We Dashed At Them With Drawn Sabres”

1863: “We Are Still Tunneling Away”

1863: “I Have Not Believed You Had Any Chance To Effect Anything Until Now”

1863: “I’ve Lost My Nerve”

1863: “Oh, If I could Just Come Out Of This Charge Safely”

Contemporary illustration of the Siege of Vicksburg.

1863: “Vicksburg Surrendered To General Grant”

1863: “The Town Is As Full As Ever Of Strangers”

1863: “At Last The Riot Is Quelled”

1863: “Exulting In The Grand Excitement Of Such Triumphs”

1863: “My Son Went In The 54th Regiment”

1863: “I Have Not Complaints To Make Of Anyone But Myself”

1863: “There Are Rumors Of French Intervention”

1863: “Never Were Less Prepared, Than The Night Before The Raid”

Mary Chesnut

1863: “Full of Guerillas and Horse Thieves”

1863: “Resist Such A Bombardment”

1863: “Writ Of Habeas Corpus”

1863: “Fine Fellows Going To Kill Or Be Killed”

1863: “The Boys Were Lying In Line Of Battle”

1863: “To Set Apart and Observe The Last Thursday of November”

1863: “If Your Commanding Officer Orders You”

1863: “This Fight Will Not Make Any Difference In The Issue Of The War”

1863: “We Are Making History”

1863: “Money Is Nothing To A Man’s Life”

A scene from Gettysburg on November 19, 1863

1863: “The Leaves Are Falling In Showers”

1863: “If I Were To Describe This Hospital”

1863: “We Arrived At Gettysburg”

1863: “Our Thanksgiving In Camp”

1863: “Then No Yankee Can Hear Me”

1863: “One Of Our Flags Seems To Be Moving”

1863: “We Have Outlived The Old Union”

1863: “The Sight Of The Stars & Stripes Were Very Cheering”

1863: “Only Five Pairs Of Stockings Over The Fireplace Tonight”

1863: “The Last Day Of The Eventful Year”