1864: In Their Words

This page is an archive of blog posts from the series 1864: In Their Words.

The series begins in January 2019 and will continue for the entire year. Exploring the thoughts, feelings, actions, and consequences of real people caught in the turmoil of civil war, 1864: In Their Words provides a quote with contextual background regarding the author, location, or event.

John Esten Cooke

1864: “We Must Make Free Men Of Them Beyond All Question”

1864: “Three Hundred Pairs of Stockings Knitted By Yourself”

1864: “I am 21 Today! Of Age!”

1864: “The Most Difficult Business Of Our Army”

1864: “Took Place June 6th 1862”

1864: “Civilization To Our Headquarters”

1864: “We Celebrated The 22nd”

1864: “That Speaks Volumes For The Bravery”

1864: “Am I The Same Poor Soul?”

General Sherman, 1866

1864: “Do Not Stay In Washington”

1864: “The Fair For The Sanitary Commission Is A Good Excuse”

1864: “I Run Off From Him”

1864: “My Oath To Preserve The Constitution”

1864: “There Has Been No Review”

1864: “No Quarter”

1864: “Our Preparations For The Spring Campaign”

1864: “May Be Relied Upon For Active Duty”

1864: “Grant Seems Determined To Keep On Fighting”

1864: “A Case of Mismanagement”

1864: “Checked The Progress Of The Enemy Toward Richmond”

1864: “Not So Miserable A World After All”