19th Century Maritime

19th-century-american-maritimeThis page is an archive of blog posts from the series 19th Century Maritime.

The series began in January 2017 and will continue for the entire year. Exploring the aspects of American Maritime history, articles address American trade, early beginnings of the U.S. Navy, whaling, lighthouses, and Civil War blockade runners.

American Maritime History

ussallianceMaritime – An Introduction & Some Definitions

Canoes & Passenger Ships

Colonial Maritime Trade

A Revolution At Sea

Why Create A Navy?

The First Six Frigates

uss_constitution_vs_guerriereThe Top 10 Things You Should Know About The Barbary Wars

A Dozen Facts You Should Know About The War Of 1812

American International Trade

Commodore Perry & Japan

Bowditch’s “The New American Practical Navigator”

5 Things You Should Know About California’s 19th Century Maritime History

Maps & Charts: Works Of Art?

American Whaling Industry

Whaling: An Introduction & Statement

A Whaling Voyage

Whaling: Hunters & Hunted

Whaling: Oil & “Bone” – Making A Profit

Whales, Nantucket Island, & The Quakers

New Bedford – The 19th Century American Whaling Capital

The Golden Age & Decline Of American Whaling?

International Voyages!

Captains & Crews On Whaling Ships

Whaling Ships – A Few Historical Details

The Whales: Leviathans & “Fish”

Moby-Dick: The Truth Behind The Legend

American Lighthouses

Lights On The Coast

America’s First Lighthouse

Building American Lighthouses, 1789-1851

The Lighthouse Board, 1852-1910

American Lighthouses: New England

American Lighthouses: Middle Atlantic

American Lighthouses: Southern & Gulf Coasts

American Lighthouses: West Coast

American Lighthouses: Great Lakes Region

Lighthouses: Lamps & Lenses

Lighthouse Poetry

American Civil War Maritime

1861: “A Complete Blockade”

1861: “I Am Half-Mad With Vexation & Despair”

1862: “The Power & Endurance Of Iron-Clad Vessels”

1862: “A Confederate War Vessel”