Tea With Sarah

You’re cordially invited every other Saturday to join Miss Sarah for tea on Gazette665 Blog. 

It’s a chance for Miss Sarah to have a conversation with her blog readers. She’ll get to answer questions about life and research that don’t always fit into the other blog posts. When Sarah wants to “catch up” with friends, she often invite them to have a cup of tea. These posts are a way to connect with readers and be more personal.

Tea With Sarah: Tea, Dancing, & Volunteering (January 2018)

Tea With Sarah: Living History, Evening Thoughts, & Out For Tea (January 2018)

Tea With Sarah: California Civil War, Historical Movie, & Valentine’s Day (February 2018)

Tea With Sarah: Presidential Libraries, ECW, & Harp (February 2018)

Tea With Sarah: What If?, 1893, & Historical Cookies (March 2018)

Tea With Sarah: Historical Dresses, Living History, & Photography (March 2018)

Tea With Sarah: Favorite Historical Era, Civil War Doctors, & Country Music (March 2018)

Want to ask some questions and get the conversation started for the next tea? Send a message through the form below and let the party begin!