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This is a categorized archive of blog posts related to the short stories in With Gladness: A Christmas Story Collection. Some articles were written and shared during the series Christmas on Wednesdays here on Gazette665 (highlighted with green); others were retrieved from Gazette665’s blog archives. The sections titles match the ten stories in the book.

We hope it will enhance your appreciation of the historical eras and increase your interest in the short story settings.

Christmas WreathGreat Joy – Colonial Era

Gazette665 Archive Page of Colonial History Blog Posts

With Gladness: Colonial Christmas



valley forgePatriot Dreams – American War For Independence

Crossing The Delaware (Christmas 1776)

Washington’s General: Nathanael Greene

Gazette665 Archive Page of American War For Independence Blog Posts

With Gladness: Valley Forge



starry-night-skyEast To West – Trail Of Tears

Gazette665’s Growing Nation History Page

With Gladness: Trail of Tears





A Light In The Window – California Rancho

Gazette665’s Growing Nation History Page

Gazette665’s California History Page

With Gladness: California Ranchos



Wounded soldiers in general hospital, American Civil WarThe Christmas Sermon – Civil War

Preaching and Healing: United States Christian Commission

5 Myths About Civil War Medicine

Author & Nurse: The Woman Who Wrote “Hospital Sketches”

With Gladness: Civil War Christmas

Christmas hollyCurses Or Blessings? – Gilded Age

Gazette665’s The Gilded Age History Page

Famine: A Turning Point In Irish History

With Gladness: The Gilded Age




Christmas in Winchester Civil War TeaSong Of Hope – Great Depression/Dust Bowl

Gazette665’s Great Depression History Page

With Gladness: The Dust Bowl





WWII Poster, AmericanStars In The Window – World War II

Don’t Forget – Christmas 1944

Gazette665 Archive Page of WWII Blog Posts

With Gladness: World War II Christmas




Wreaths Across America Miramar National Cemetery 2014Unbroken Circle – Vietnam Conflict

Gazette665’s Cold War Era History Page

With Gladness: Vietnam Conflict





city-silhouette“A Message We Would Like To Send To You” – Modern Era

Gazette665’s Cold War Era History Page

Gazette665’s Modern Era History Page

With Gladness: Modern Era