Blue, Gray & Crimson

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at GettysburgWinner of an Honorable Mention for YA Fiction in the 2015 Southern California Book Festival

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg

“Blue, gray, and crimson,” she murmured, gazing upward. “I never thought those colors could be beautiful again.”

Fourteen year old Betsy Westmore and her family are startled by the battle near their home. Will their faith and courage survive this test? (more details here)

Blue, Gray & Crimson – $16.95

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Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at GettysburgLearn more details about the book – includes a brief summary!




High Water Mark Memorial, Gettysburg National Military ParkOn Tuesdays I’ll be sharing about the Gettysburg history included in or inspiring this story. You’ll be able to find archived and categorized blog posts here.


Sarah Kay Bierle

Education Resources? Booklists, study guides, and comprehension questions to supplement the story? Right here…enjoy!



Sarah Kay BierleThere’s a “story behind the story.” Discover my journey of writing this book here.



Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at GettysburgPlease visit the media page to find the author’s official biography, media photos, and pronunciation of last name.

Book Reviews are HERE

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