1863: “We Arrived At Gettysburg”

18 November 1863, Wednesday

We started from Washington to go to the Consecration of the Soldiers’ Cemetery at Gettysburg. On our train were the President Seward Usher & Blair: Nicolay & Myself: Mercier & Admiral Reynaud; Bertinatti & Capt. Isola & Lt. Martinez & Cora: Mis Wise: Wayne McVeagh: McDougal of Canada and one or two others. We had a pleasant sort of a trip. At Baltimore Schenck’s staff joined us.

Just before we arrived at Gettysburg the President got into a little talk with McVeagh about Missouri affairs… Continue reading

1863: “If I Were To Describe This Hospital”

Contraband Hospital, Washington.

November 15, 1863.

I shall depict our wants in true but ardent words, hoping to affect you to some action. Here are gathered the sick from the contraband camps in the northern part of Washington. If I were describe this hospital it would not be believed. North of Washington, in an open muddy mire, are gathered all the people who have been made free by the progress of our Army. Continue reading

1863: “The Leaves Are Falling In Showers”

Friday, November 6th 1863: Clear and warm. The wind blew this morning and the leaves are falling in showers. Thus far there has not been a killing frost here: a thing somewhat rare. My Puppy “Wheeler” sleepth under the steps. Father returned from Houston. Mr. Kemp is home on a short furlough.

Saturday, November 7th 1863: There is no news. The firing on Sumter has slackened. The Legislature met Thursday and elected A.R. Wright President of the Senate and Hardeman Speaker of the House. Mrs. Huguenin is better. Mrs. Whittle sent me two oranges…. Continue reading

1863: “Money Is Nothing To A Man’s Life”

Fort Sumner

October 28th, 1863

Dear Mother

I received your letter tonight & was glad to hear from you. I am well and hope theas [these] few lines will find you the same. I am very sory [sorry] to hear that Owen has enlisted, but I have said all that I can to keep him from enlisting. I think that if father lets him go, that he is to blaim [blame], for money is nothing to a man’s life. You tell him that he will be a sory [sorry] boy that ever enlisted. I used to think it was some thing grate [great] to be soldier, but I think different now. If I was out of the Army, no four hundred dollars would get me back again, that is sure. Perhaps Owen has not be used wel [well], but he will get used worse in the Army.  Continue reading

1863: “We Are Making History”

October 13, Tuesday (In Clarksburg)

Read the diary of an English officer who was in the Pennsylvania Campaign and at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was evidently penetrated with the Southern views on that occasion but his account of the battle is graphic and interesting. He scorns the idea of the Southern power being broken in that battle, but his account differs from what I hear in Virginia at Martinsburg. Continue reading