Happy To Report…

Kelly’s Ford – one of the battle sites visited on my recent trip that sudden became an unplanned “unplugged” experience.

Well, it’s been a while. Almost two weeks without a blog post and that’s never happened before in the four years of Gazette665’s existence.

I am happy to report that the history posts will now go on and there are plans to both move forward and also “catch up” – so there might be more posts than usual appearing this week, though we will try to back date a few and publish them in the correct order.

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Highlights from Gazette665’s 2018

It’s the last weekend of the year, and it seems like a good time to review the highlights of Gazette665’s 2018. Check out the top posts and other top moments!

I’d love to hear about your favorite history moments this year! Either on Gazette665 or in the whole history field, what’s been the top research, favorite article, best discovery, or your exciting moment? Let’s chat in the comments… Continue reading

Heading On A Short Road Trip…

Well, readers, I was going to write an article about John Carver. And I still will…just not tonight.

Very, very early tomorrow morning I’m driving to a history conference and staying up to write one thousands words and risking falling asleep at the wheel is not good risk management, I’m thinking. So we will have a double post next Friday with biographical information on two “Pilgrims”! Continue reading

Unfortunate Update

Well, folks, I don’t have internet today which has definitely created a big change of plans. The aviation blog post can’t really be completed on a phone screen with limited data, and I have to head into my real job instead of a coffee shop with internet.

Just wanted to let you that the last aviator post for this month and Gazette665’s tea post will appear on Saturday.

My apologies. Have a wonderful Friday and we’ll get Gazette665’s new posts up tomorrow.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah