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1868: The President On Trial

I’m now ready to write this much-delayed blog post which will conclude August’s series on the Reconstruction Era. Rest assured, I plan to revisit the era in 2018 and address more details. This week’s delay (sorry!) was caused because I … Continue reading

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Edith Roosevelt: Creating An Early 20th Century Image For The First Lady

Did you know there were two Mrs. Roosevelts who served as first ladies? And both their first names started with “E”? (The better-known of the two is Eleanor Roosevelt – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife.) However, today’s featured First Lady on … Continue reading

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Abigail Powers Fillmore: Promoting Literature & Education As First Lady

Many First Ladies – especially in the 19th and early 20th Centuries – have hidden in the shadows of history. Many made positive contributions to society, the image of the executive branch, or the White House itself, but these women … Continue reading

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Dolley Madison: Creating The Role Of First Lady

Theme of the month on Gazette665 in February 2017 is “American First Ladies,” and we’ve picked history and biographies of four presidents’ wives to share with you. Today, we introduce Dolley Madison, wife of the James Madison who was the fourth … Continue reading

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Why Create A Navy?

It was a debate that continually divided the two political parties in the early days of United States history. Was it proper to have a standing army and navy? Or was it better to call out the militia and arm … Continue reading

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Two Winters Far From Home

Meriweather Lewis, William Clark, and the Corps of Discovery spent two years exploring the American West. That meant they spent two winters far from home and had to build sturdy shelters to survive the cold months. Today we’ll explore the two … Continue reading

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