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The Earliest American Whaling

The earliest American whaling on the east coast. Let’s be sure to clarify the location! This month Gazette665’s Wednesday blog posts will continue to explore whaling in 19th Century maritime, and we’ll be tracing some of the developments and communities … Continue reading

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Actium: Transforming A Republic To An Empire

As we’ve seen in our series “With Spears & Shields,” ancient battles could have far reaching effects for empires, civilizations, and ideologies. We’ve looked at empires or countries fighting each other for territory, glory, revenge, and conquest. What if a … Continue reading

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Searching For Hunter McGuire

I’m pleased to share my newest article published by Emerging Civil War blog. Here’s the link to An Elusive Doctor At Gettysburg. This was a fun article to write since it draws information from my research on the medical situation at Gettysburg and the … Continue reading

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Happy Resurrection Day 2015

May your day be blessed with joy, hope, and peace. Your Historian, Miss Sarah

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History of Helicopters

Today I’m teaching a short class on the History of the Helicopter: 400 BC to Modern Era at a Youth Aviation Club meeting. The group meets about twice a month and encourages young folks to learn about flying and how to make … Continue reading

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Destroy a Bridge & Land a Glider: Stories from Normandy

There are many true stories about what happened during the Normandy Invasion. Veterans have shared their remembrances and family or historians have written down these primary sources. I suppose I could retell and paraphrase some of these stories, but today … Continue reading

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