1864: “The Supporters Of That Government”

SOLDIERS: I am exceedingly obliged to you for this mark of respect. It is said that we have the best Government the world ever knew, and I am glad to meet you, the supporters of that Government. To you who render the hardest work in its support should be given the greatest credit. Others who are connected with it, and who occupy higher positions, their duties can be dispensed with, but we cannot get along without your aid. While others differ with the Administration, and, perhaps, honestly, the soldiers generally have sustained it; they have not only fought right, but, so far as could be judged from their actions, they have voted right, and I for one thank you for it. I know you are en route for the front, and therefore do not expect me to detain you long, and will therefore bid you good morning.

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Life Happens…

Well, folks, here’s the good news. God is merciful. I’m alive. The sun is shining in Richmond, Virginia. And I will be able to do research without a computer…

Here’s the bad news: the tech expert has pronounced my laptop dead. And that means I am not going to be able to finish editing my New Market video. Honestly, it’s recorded and the footage is safe. I just don’t have the ability to run the video editor from my phone.

So, what’s next? I will aim to get Friday’s post finished from my phone. I will try to keep up with emails from that phone app. If you have sent a Facebook message to Gazette665’s page, I am not able to access those at this time due to one of my phone’s quirks. Message me here in a comment if it is urgent! Or send an email.

When Plan A fails, invent Plan B.

I apologize for any disappointment. I know I’m bummed about not getting to share the cadet video this morning. But life happens, life goes on. The sun is shining and there’s a chance of thunderstorms, and the research libraries are still open. It can still be a good day and a good week and I’ll have lots of history to share when technology is on my side again.

Your historian,

Miss Sarah

New Market: Fighting On The Hill and At The Center

Last week we talked exclusively about the Union left flank developments on the Bushong Lines during the Battle of New Market, but there was a lot more happening that afternoon. Now, let’s talk about the center and west side of the battle lines.

What units should you particularly note? What actually caused the gap to open in Breckinridge’s line that would be filled by the Corps of Cadets from Virginia Military Institute? Let’s discuss…

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Stop Here! Stonewall Jackson House

Lexington, Virginia, was the first destination in the Old Dominion on our family trip when I was fourteen. So it started as a special place to me and has continued through the years. Whether I arrive for research or am just passing through, it’s always good to be back in this wonderful town.

This month I want to take to you some of my favorite historical sites through photos and tour notes in our Wednesday blog posts. We’ll start at the Stonewall Jackson House…

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10 Things To Know About Eleanor of Acquitaine

Queen of France and England, but at different times, Eleanor of Acquitaine became a powerful figure in 12th Century Western Europe. Praised or censored, loved or hated, noble or slandered as common, the truth about Eleanor of Acquitaine lies somewhere in the middle of how her friends and enemies perceived her.

I just finished reading a fascinating biography about this Medieval Queen and made a short list of the top ten things I think we should all know about Queen Eleanor. (The book is an older publication, 1967, entitled Eleanor of Acquitaine by Regine Pernoud, if you interested in a more in-depth biographical study.) Continue reading

1863…sort of?

So… I’ve got a little problem. I’m in a hotel room in Virginia, on a research trip, and I don’t have good internet access right now.

I was hoping to finish my 1863 In Their Words article and publish it, but I can’t get to that file right now.

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