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10 Things To Know About Eleanor of Acquitaine

Queen of France and England, but at different times, Eleanor of Acquitaine became a powerful figure in 12th Century Western Europe. Praised or censored, loved or hated, noble or slandered as common, the truth about Eleanor of Acquitaine lies somewhere … Continue reading

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1863…sort of?

So… I’ve got a little problem. I’m in a hotel room in Virginia, on a research trip, and I don’t have good internet access right now. I was hoping to finish my 1863 In Their Words article and publish it, … Continue reading

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No Reconstruction Today Because…

I’m at The Huntington Research Library this week and didn’t quite get my Reconstruction Era report ready before I disappeared into the archives. Rest assured this week’s Reconstruction history post will appear over the weekend or as a double post … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Gardens

After a few days of this creative hauling, the garden boxes and barrels were filled and ready for planting, and the following afternoon, Mama put on her straw hat and invited us to help her in the garden. While Marian … Continue reading

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Moby-Dick: The Truth Behind The Legend

“Call me Ishmael.” It’s the opening line of a novel about the whaling industry, about revenge, and about redemption. If you’re interested in the 19th Century American whaling industry, love classic American literature, or believe you were tortured in your … Continue reading

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The Earliest American Whaling

The earliest American whaling on the east coast. Let’s be sure to clarify the location! This month Gazette665’s Wednesday blog posts will continue to explore whaling in 19th Century maritime, and we’ll be tracing some of the developments and communities … Continue reading

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