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Thanksgiving 1944: At War In The Pacific

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, but I wanted to share one more Thanksgiving primary source before finishing this miniseries. I found a letter written by a U.S. chaplain on Thanksgiving Day 1944 from his post on the Vogelkop Peninsula … Continue reading

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Historic Gardening: WWI & WWII Victory Gardens

This week’s blog post takes gardening, homefront, and the military a historical step beyond the Civil War era. During the 1860’s, growing food was a necessity. People just did it. There wasn’t a propaganda campaign to get farmers into their … Continue reading

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With Gladness: World War II Christmases

Christmas and other holidays in the 1940’s seem not as “far distant” as other historical eras. I think this is because I’ve heard so many stories from my grandparents and great-aunt about their war time holiday celebrations. When I originally … Continue reading

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If Only In My Dreams…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people want to be home or with loved ones for the December holidays. Historically (and in the modern era), that isn’t always possible. One Christmas song recorded in 1943 addressed that reality … Continue reading

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Photographs: More Than 1,000 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps it’s a little cliché, but it is true. These last few weeks I’ve introduced some of my favorite primary sources from the European Theater of World War II. Today, I’d … Continue reading

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Heinz Knoke: The “Other” Side of the Sky Battlefields

Sometimes it’s good to read “the other side of the story.” Remember, history is (usually) written by the victors, and sometimes the losing side is portrayed with more villainy than perhaps they deserve. I wasn’t sure what I would find … Continue reading

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