American War For Independence: 1775-1783

Frustrated by Britain’s increasing taxes and rules, the American Colonies tried to reconcile the situation peaceable…no success. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed, formally severing ties with Britain. If the American could win the war, they would be an independent nation. With foreign aid, the Americans won strategic victory and gained their independence.


War For Independence American History Booklist

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Gazette665 Posts:

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Websites for more resources:

Boston Freedom Trail Official information and history from the city of Boston website

Minute Man National Historic Park (Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts)

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania History of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Valley Forge History of America’s darkest winter

Yorktown Victory Center A living history center in Virginia

Yorktown Battlefield History of the decisive siege and victory of the war

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