(American History) Civil War: 1861-1865

The questions of Constitutional interpretation over the issues of state’s rights, tariffs, and slavery tore America apart. The Civil War raged for four bloody years and when it was over the political and social landscape of America were changed forever.


Civil War American History Booklist

Photo Board:

Gazette665 Posts:

Gazette665 has many, many posts related to the American Civil War. Please view the full archive HERE or use the search box to find your topic.

Looking for Blue, Gray & Crimson or Gettysburg specific posts? Click HERE for their archive. (Includes Gettysburg, CW medicine, civilians, and more…)

Looking for the archive of the blog series 1861: In Their Words? Click HERE.

Websites with more resources:

Civil War A wealth of information and searchable databases available on this website

Civil War Trust Specific information about battlefields, leaders, soldier’s life, civilian experience, and primary sources available on this site; also includes an educational resource center with teacher guides and student activities

Emerging Civil War A great blog with a lot of archived information; good stories about soldiers and commanders, history of battles, and occasional “fun stuff” for history buffs

Information on these three sites should provide good overview or in-depth information, depending on what you’re looking for. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be checking my topic specific favorite websites for this era and try to add the best. (I didn’t think you were interested in the list of enlisted men’s names for the 11th Virginia Cav. – I’ll have to pick and choose what will be most helpful…)

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