Growing Nation: 1783-1861

The newly independent nation faced struggles of self-government, but kept an eye on the distant horizon, expanding the borders from sea to shining sea. The Constitution formed the new government, the wilderness explorers opened the west, while deep underlying questions of slavery, tariffs, and interpretation of the Constitution began to envelop the growing nation.


Growing Nation American History Booklist

Photo Board:

Gazette665 Posts:

Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father

1803: A Great Deal on “New” Land (Louisiana Purchase)

Lewis N. Clark or Lewis & Clark?

New Stuff To Take West

Two Winters Far From Home

Their First Vote

James Monroe & American Foreign Policy

Dolley Madison: Creating The Role Of First Lady

The Texas President (Sam Houston)

Abigail Powers Fillmore: Promoting Literature & Education As First Lady

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Unwilling To Stay Silent

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