(American History) Progressives and World War I: 1900-1918

The American government struggled to keep up with the changes brought by the Industrial Age, and leaders of the Progressive Party introduced new government agencies and regulations. World War I exploded in Europe and America adopted neutrality until 1917 when they entered the war on the Allies’ side.


Progressives and WWI American History Booklist

Photo Board:

Gazette665 Posts:

William H. Taft: The President Who Wanted To Be A Judge

Two (2) Alliances Too Many

Planning A Conquest…Maybe?

Action & Reaction: How WWI Really Started

New Weapons: New Warfare

Where Was America?

WWI Christmas Scene

Websites for more resources:

Progressive Era A website page with information about the era, and helpful links to other sites

Progressive Era Wikipedia Article

National World War I Museum This website has information about visiting the museum in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as lesson plans, searchable databases, and on-line activities for students

Office of the Historian (America & WWI) A site with pages regarding America’s view of WWI and the events leading the nation into the war; also has information about America and the League of Nations.

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