Reconstruction, Industrial & Gilded Ages: 1865-1908

The Civil War was over, but the reunification of the nation would be long and troubled. Meanwhile, America entered the industrial age – with world famous inventors and immigrants arriving eager to work in manufacturing, the nation’s wealth increased. Suddenly, people had money and leisure time and extravagance became the watchword of the day.


Reconstruction, Industial & Gilded Ages American History Booklist

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Gazette665 Blog Posts:

10 Things You Should Know About The Reconstruction

Reconstruction? The President, States, & Congress

1868: The President On Trial

The Complexity Of The Reconstruction Era

The Freedmen’s Bureau: The Government Tries To Take An Active Role

Carpetbaggers & Scalawags: History Behind The Names

Reconstructing Your Bookshelf

Reconstructing A Dilemma: General Orders No. 40

Buffalo Soldiers: Guarding The West – An Introduction

August Walley’s Medal of Honor

Chaplains in the West

Considering The Role of Buffalo Soldiers (Guest Author)

Women Going West: A Few Beginning Thoughts

Making A Home In The Wilderness

Women At The Forts

Cowgirls In The West

Women Voting In The West

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Writing An American Story

Martha Finley: Sharing Faith Through Literature

Louisa May Alcott: Writing The Story Of Her Youth

Edith Roosevelt: Creating An Early 20th Century Image For The First Lady

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