(American History) U.S. Presidents

From 1789 to present America has had 44 leaders in the Executive Office. Our presidents have come from many different backgrounds and have held varied political beliefs. Though the world has changed from the days of George Washington, one important thing has remained the same: the President of the United States is elected by the will of the people and represents our nation to the rest of the world.

Explore the history of our presidents, the election process, and the duties of the executive leader with the resources available on this page.


U.S. President Booklist (includes biographies and information about the executive branch and election process)

Photo Board:

Gazette665 Posts:

James Monroe & American Foreign Policy

William H. Taft: The President Who Want T Be A Judge

Harry S. Truman: The “Neighborly” President

The Texas President (Sam Houston)

The “Other” President: 1861-1865 (Jefferson Davis)

Websites for more resources:

The White House/Presidents A page on whitehouse.gov which has brief history of our presidents. Use other pages on the site to explore current events and the executive branch.

Presidential Libraries A Wikipedia page…scroll down to find the listing and links for presidential libraries and museums across the country.

Presidential Facts A site for teachers with information about each president. Includes “fun facts” – geared to Grades 3-8. (Students: use this site with parents’ permission or supervision; contains advertisements)

First Ladies A great site with biographical information (short versions for young readers, longer versions for mature readers), timelines, and lesson plan suggestions. Also includes specific sources and libraries with primary sources for the serious historians!

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