(State History) California History

P1050608California has a unique history. It has changed hands and governments many times in its past and has a rich cultural heritage. Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and American influences are the major civilianization streams in California’s past, but there are also contributions from many other cultures too.

The resources found on this page were collected and designed specifically to enhance the study of California state history, and I hope you’ll enjoy the golden heritage of our state.


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Websites for more resources:

California Historical Society An organization and publisher focused on detailed articles and research of California’s past.

Cabrillo National Monument A National Park near San Diego commemorating the discovery of Juan R. Cabrillo in 1542. There is a nice museum and memorial for Cabrillo…and a U.S. lighthouse built in the 1850’s is also in the park!

Replica of “San Salvador” The newly built replica of Cabrillo’s ship makes its home port at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

California Mission Background and History A website with an overview of the California missions, addresses and some visiting details about each one. (This site does have some ads, but I did not see anything offensive.)

Petaluma Adobe State Park One my favorite ranchos in northern California and the original property of General Vallejo. To look for a rancho in your area, I suggest a Google search – there are simply too many to list here!

Monterey’s History The city of Monterey played an important part in California history. This site has a wealth of information and touring information.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park A state historic park located in Sacramento, this museum hosts a variety of living history programs and has a great museum. (Sutter’s Fort was a major destination for early pioneers coming to California.)

Columbia State Historic Park A fully restored Gold Rush Era town in northern California.