Living History

Sarah Kay Bierle portraying Miss Margaretta McGuireWelcome to Gazette665’s Living History Center

We’re here to answer your questions about Civil War history, the hobby of re-enacting, the presentation of living history!

I’ve been doing official living history presentations for five years; I love “general” Civil War history, but my specialized areas of study are Virginia, the town of Winchester, General “Stonewall” Jackson and his staff officers, Civilians (particularly Southern ladies), and Civil War medicine.

The McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia  This is my living history group and you’ll find historical information here.

Some of my friends in the living history world are sharing information about their impressions: The Confederate White House

Wondering what on earth the term “living historian” means…look HERE.

Want information for attending a re-enactment as a spectator? Looking for a questionnaire to help you (or your students) talk with re-enactors? Check THIS PAGE.

And finally if you have questions, here’s the Contact Form and I’d be happy to assist you!

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