Living History

Looking for the McGuires?

We’ve recently moved that page HERE and you’ll be able to find information about the McGuire Family history and details about that specific living history group.

“The McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia” Civil War Living History

What is living history?

It’s presenting accurate historical information while dressed in period clothing, possibly portraying a first-person character from a specific place and time era. Sometimes fictional personas are developed from facts to help share the history; other times, living historians portray actual historical people.

It takes time and research to find out the social class and “current event” situation of the family which determines the correct period clothing. Letters or old diaries must be studied to find the historic person’s voice and character qualities. Etiquette manuals of the era, social customs of the town, and religious beliefs dictate the actions.

Let it be known: living historians may take part in re-enactments, but not all reenactors are living historians.


Here are Gazette665, we believe in good (well-researched) living history presentations. Sarah Kay Bierle is actively involved in living history – usually Civil War – and does the research and historical preparation for events for “The McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia.” She has also done living history with The Volunteer Field Hospital/Armory Band, at a Spanish-American War event, and – many years ago – for 1620 Separatists and Strangers (Pilgrims/First Thanksgiving).


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