Re-enactment Spectator Information

Miss Sarah Kay Bierle

I’ve been attending re-enactments as a spectator for over ten years, so whether you’re just venturing into this exciting world or are a veteran attendee I hope you’ll find useful information here.

Happy “time traveling” adventures!


Student Questions Got a history assignment? Going to a re-enactment and not sure what to ask or who to talk to? Try this list of simple questions to get started.

Tips For Attending a Re-enactment

Southern California Re-enactments

Check these sites for the Southern California Civil War re-enactment schedule

Civil War Alliance

American Civil War Society

Moorpark Rotary Club (organizers of Moorpark Civil War Re-enactment)

Miss Sarah’s Photos

These are my re-enactment photo posts shared here on Gazette665. Look for more in the future!

Tom’s Farm (2014)

Moorpark (2014) Military Photos

Moorpark (2014) Civilian Photos



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