The Confederate White House

Jefferson and Varina Davis Re-enactors

At “The Confederate White House” you’ll find President and Mrs. Davis (re-enactors) and their friends. This is the perfect opportunity to ask Southern political questions, explore the overall military strategy of the Confederacy, or hear about raising a family in Richmond during the war.

If you’re attending re-enactments in Southern California, come and visit the Confederate Executive Mansion or look for the president and first lady strolling among the spectators. Please use the links below to learn more about these historic people and their Confederate home.

 Biography of Jefferson Davis (Civil War Trust website)

Biography of Varina Davis (Encyclopedia Virginia website)

The “Other” President: 1861-1865 (Gazette665 post)

White House of the Confederacy  (Wikipedia article)

President & Mrs. Davis at Tom's Farm Civil War Re-enactment 2013

President & Mrs. Davis at Tom’s Farm Civil War Re-enactment 2013

"The Confederate White House" Civil War Living History

“The Confederate White House” Civil War Living History



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