Gazette665’s After-Action Conference Report (West Coast) — Emerging Civil War

Here’s a report on Gazette665’s Civil War History Conference. (Article originally published on Emerging Civil War.)

Perhaps in the last few months, you’ve seen the announcements regarding a new Civil War History Conference in Southern California? The event took place yesterday (Saturday, June 4th) and was attended by about 60 people who enjoyed it with positive enthusiasm. Hosted by Gazette665 and coordinated by Sarah Kay Bierle (ECW member), the conference focused on the first […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday To GZ665 (& Update On Our Latest Project!)

birthday-cake-candlesHappy 2nd Birthday to Gazette665 Blog & Website!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started this adventure of writing and learning “techy stuff.” It’s been great, and I look forward to many more years of blogging, developing historical resources, and managing the website.

THANK YOU for reading the blog, sending comments and emails, and being part of the discussion of history. May Gazette665 continue inviting you to think, learn, and be inspired for many years to come! Continue reading

1861: In Their Words – An Introduction

Welcome to the new blog post series on Gazette665:

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their Words

As the 155th Commemoration of the American Civil War begins this year (2016), I thought it would be appropriate to start a series focusing on the pivotal year in our nation’s history. If the series is popular, then you just might find it continued for the next four years of the 155th. (Hint: comment, like, and share!)

Today’s the introduction, and you’ll find out the “what, where, why, how” of the series. Read on… Continue reading