Happy 2016 (and setting some goals)


It’s the new year! And I’ve got a few goals for Gazette665 which I’m willing to share…

#1. Start Putting Page Breaks In Blog Posts

This doesn’t mean blog posts are going to change; it’s really just a formatting thing. It will clean up the blog “home page.”

#2. Host An AWESOME History Conference

There’ll be an official announcement soon, but you’ll have the “preview” of this exciting event if you CLICK HERE.

#3. Travel

Whether it’s for book signings, research, or pleasure, I’m looking forward to traveling in 2016 and might write about my adventures after I’ve returned home.

Those are all the goals I can share right now… For better or for worse, I agree with the wisdom of General “Stonewall” Jackson: “Mystery, mystery is the secret of success.”

So…enjoy the day! Set some goals. Eat junk food. Go on a walk. Read a book. Write blog posts. However you choose to celebrate…I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with many opportunities and blessings.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah