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Of Poetry and Photographs

It’s been one of those weeks… With a new book in the final stages of editing and a surprise list of tasks from the editors and publishers, I did not have a chance to write the article about the Underground … Continue reading

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Henry Box Brown: Shipped To Freedom

Have you heard about Henry Box Brown? His escape story was so incredible that it almost seemed like fiction – even in the 19th Century.

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Freedmen’s Bureau: The Government Tries To Take An Active Role

In 1865, the fighting on Civil War battlefields ended, but the questions were far from over. And new questions had been created during the war. One of the most exciting and most explosive questions of the era was: what did … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 1918: A World War I Soldier Dreams Of Home

This year (2017) marks 100 years since American entered World War I, and earlier we shared details about this incident in U.S. and World History. Today’s primary source about Thanksgiving was written in 1918 by a U.S. African American soldier, … Continue reading

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1862: “Treated As Outlaws”

WAR DEPT., ADIT. AND INSP. GENERAL’S OFFICE, GENERAL ORDERS, NO. 60 Richmond, August 21, 1862 Whereas, Major-General Hunter, recently in command of the enemy’s forces on the coast of South Carolina, and Brigadier-General Phelps, a military commander in the State … Continue reading

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1861: “Is He Not A Man?”

September 1861 …Our Presidents, Governors, Generals, and Secretaries are calling, with almost frantic vehemence, for men. – “Men! Men! Send us men!” they scream, or the cause of the Union is gone, the life of a great nation is ruthlessly … Continue reading

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