WWI Letters: “Our Division Has Been In Every Fight”

In the autumn of 1918, young Lester Koontz in the 42nd Division wrote to his father from France. This letter was reprinted in A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia, and gives another glimpse into the observations and experiences of American soldiers during the final weeks of World War I.

You’ll find a few historical notes on World War I after the complete primary source to give a little background and historical depth to the letter. Continue reading

8 Things You Should Know About American Soldiers In World War I

In the last couple weeks, we’ve talked about America’s entry into World War I and the American pilots who’d been fighting and flying in France long before 1917. Today, we’ll focus on a few-facts about U.S. Soldiers in the conflict; it’s just an overview. There are volumes and volumes written with more details, but Gazette665 likes go for the quick facts that you can use to impress your friends.

You know, you really should ask your friends if they know what’s significant about this year and month? (America entered World War I in April 1917 – 100 years ago). They tell’em a few facts. World War I is one of the “forgotten” conflicts in American history, but we can start to change that by questions and friendly discussions.

And now – without further jabbering from yours truly – here are 8 things you should know about American soldiers in World War I: Continue reading