Antietam National Cemetery

Hmmm… Antietam is not New Market. Those battles are not even in the same year.

Yes, we are supposed to feature New Market videos on Wednesday, but guess what didn’t get edited while getting ready for Gazette665’s Fourth Annual History Conference? Right, the new New Market video. My apologies.

A couple weeks ago, I did an on-location video at Antietam National Cemetery for Emerging Civil War, so enjoy that for tonight and we’ll be back with New Market history next week. We might even do a double video!

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1863: “The 2nd Maine Started For Home This Morning”

Camp near Falmouth, Va.

May 18, 1863

Dear Sister,

I received your letter from Bangor last night. I am sorry that you have been worrying about my going into battle, for I did not go as near as I wanted to, but I was where I could see some of it. We came in from picket yesterday. One of the Regts of our Brigade – the 17th N.Y. – went home this morning. We marched to the depot to see them off. Continue reading

1862: “If We Could Only Be At Home Together Once Moreā€¦”

Richmond. VA

October 10th 1862

My dear Brothers.

I need scarcely tell you with what ardent love and interest our hearts have followed you during all this long period when you have been so constantly exposed to such danger, hardships, and privation. We have written you whenever there seemed a possibility of letters reaching you, but I suppose very few, if any, of the letters arrived safely. Continue reading

1862: “A Thread Of Red That Looked Like Blood”

Water was what I wanted and I believe, had the whole army been firing at me I would have gotten my canteen filled. Our regiment was going on a run when they crossed this little stream. It was only about a foot from bank to bank, dirty and black by the many feet that had accidentally trod into it. I stopped and scooped out a hole in the mud and put my canteen in to fill it. While doing this, another regiment passed over me and I was cut off from our. I didn’t seem to care. Continue reading