New Market: Let’s Just Chat… (Conclusion)

We’re wrapping up the New Market Video Series for 2019, and today I’m answering some questions about my research, book tour, and ongoing interest in the history. No lectures today, just some honest, candid musings and thoughts.

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts about New Market. Don’t make this an awkward one-sided conversation! Leave a comment, question, or something relevant that’s on your mind.

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New Market: Why This Battle?

I like to talk directly to people. I’ve come to enjoy presenting history to an audience. I love blogging. But to stand or sit in front of a camera’s eye and talk for a video? RUN! (At least in the past…)

For a couple years, I’ve thought that Gazette665 should move toward producing videos about history, and now is the moment. To overcome fears. To start getting more historical information on a very popular platform.

Today, we launch Gazette665’s YouTube Channel and first history video series. We also start talking about my new NONFICTION book about the Battle of New Market which was fought on May 15, 1864 in the Shenandoah Valley.

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20 Questions About “Lighthouse Loyalty” (Part 1)

Just for fun, I decided to answer a series of author interview questions about my 2017 historical fiction novel, Lighthouse Loyalty, as we wrap up this series of author’s notes. I hope you’ll chime in with your own opinions about the book or your own writing in the comments!

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An “Author Interview” – Part 1

Sarah Kay BierleDuring the last few months, I’ve enjoyed going to book signings. It’s always nice to meet readers who are interested in my historical novel Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg.

At these events, I usually answer a lot of questions about my research and writing. I realized that I’ve shared some of my research during the last year of Back to Gettysburg on Tuesday blog series, but I didn’t share much about the actual writing process. Maybe you’re interested?

So I decided to “interview myself” – I found a list of suggested questions for an author interview, and I’ll answer them in two blog posts. I hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse of how the history and story were crafted into the book that you can hold in your hands today. Continue reading