1861: “Your Officers Will Order You To Fire”

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their WordsApril 22, 1861, Washington D.C.

…After leaving Philadelphia I received intimation that our passage through the city of Baltimore would be resisted. I caused ammunition to be distribution and arms loaded, and went personally through the cars, and issued the following order, viz:

The regiment will march through Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will. You will undoubtedly be insulted, abused, and, perhaps, assaulted, to which you must pay no attention whatever, but march with your faces square to the front, and pay no attention to the mob, even if they throw stones, bricks, or other missiles; but if you are fired upon and any one of you is hit, your officers will order you to fire. Do not fire into any promiscuous crowds, but select any man whom you may see aiming at you, and be sure you drop him. Continue reading