1861: “Behaved As Well As If On The Parade Ground”

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their WordsOctober 22, 1861

…Our company made the last charge. The general was killed, shot by 5 balls; nobody knew who was the senior in command & Col. Lee ordered a retreat. But we were determined to have one more shot. So Frank ordered a charge & we rushed along, followed by all our men without an exception, & by Lieut. Hallowell with 20 men, making about 60 in all. So we charged across the field about half way, when we saw the enemy in full sight. They had just come out of the wood & had halted at our advance. There they were in their dirty gray clothes, their banner waving, cavalry on the flank. For a moment there was a pause. And then, simultaneously, we fired & there came a murderous discharge from the full rebel force. Of course we retreated, but not a man went ¬†faster than a walk. Continue reading

1861: “Lost In The Potomac”

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their WordsNovember 5, 1861

Voluminous accounts of the repulse of our forces at Ball’s Bluff have been published, including several official reports.

In the official list of the killed, wounded and missing of the Massachusetts 15th, Lt. Greene, mentioned in our last, is named among the missing. He may be a prisoner. The killed named in that list are 14, and no less than 228 missing.

Of the 20th Massachusetts, 22 are reported killed[,] 50 wounded, and 114 missing.

No list of prisoners have been received. Many have doubtless been buried unrecognized, and it is not known how many or who were lost in the Potomac. Continue reading