1863: “One Of Our Flags Seems To Be Moving”

It’s double blog post Monday at Gazette665… Find the civilian words from earlier in the day here.

Note: This primary source excerpt is significantly longer than our usual features, but if shortened it any further would lose its historical importance.

Chattanooga, Dec. 7, 1863.

Dear wife:

….When the fog rose, about ten o’clock in the morning [of November 25th], Sherman attempted to carry the summit of the [Missionary] Ridge but was repulsed; again he tried it but was again repulsed, still again he tried it and was repulsed… Sherman, after terrible fighting, had been repulsed in three successive efforts to crush the enemy’s right on the top of the Ridge, and an order came for our Division to move up the river to his support. We started. The enemy could see us from the top of the Ridge, and quickly understood (or thought they did) our design, so they commenced shelling us, as our long line of 20 regiments filed along, but we moved along until we came to where a thin strip of woodland intervened between us and the Ridge. Sheridan’s Division followed us and did the same. Continue reading