Considering The Role Of The Buffalo Soldiers (Guest Author)

Noreen Stavinoha

Noreen Stavinoha

Welcome to Gazette665, Noreen Stavinoha! Noreen is our guest author for this month, and her request for more information about the Buffalo Soldier actually prompted the historical theme for March 2016. She is a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines in Texas and has been a wonderful writing mentor to me through the years.

Today, Noreen shares how she became interested in the Buffalo Soldiers and some historical facts she discovered. Continue reading

Chaplains in the West

As I was scanning through an anthology of historical essays about the Buffalo Soldiers, one particular chapter caught my attention. It addressed the role and lives of the five African American chaplains who served with Buffalo Soldier cavalry and infantry during the late 19th Century.

Christian faith and the influence of religious beliefs are topics that I often look for when I’m studying a new era or topic, so I was really excited to see a whole chapter on the subject. Today I thought I’d share an overview of what I learned about the men who choose to serve the Lord in a particularly challenging environment. Continue reading

Augustus Walley’s Medal of Honor

After my researching for my introduction blog post last week, I was interested in the comparatively large number of Medal of Honor awards given to the Buffalo Soldiers and decided to do some reading on the topic. Also, I wanted to know more about Augustus Walley; I’d found and used his photograph in last week’s article and I felt compelled to learn more about him and how he won his Medal of Honor.

It’s an amazing story. So, today I am privileged to share the story of Augustus Walley, an American hero. Continue reading

Buffalo Soldiers: Guarding The West – An Introduction

Last autumn I asked the recipients of my email newsletter if there were any particular historical topics they want featured for a month on here on Gazette665. We’ve already fulfilled the request for a series on nurses during the America Civil War (see January’s archive).

This month we are featuring another requested topic. The Buffalo Soldiers: Guarding The West. When I first saw the request for this subject, I was both excited and a little nervous. I didn’t know much about these American soldiers, but it sounded like a great idea to learn more!

Members of the 9th or 10th U.S. Cavalry

Members of the 9th or 10th U.S. Cavalry

So come learn with me…every Friday in this month we’ll have an article on something related to these courageous soldiers. This week we’ll start with an introduction Continue reading