‘Blue, Gray & Crimson’ In The News

There’s an excited author at Gazette665 this morning! Here’s the official media release about my book from Christian Newswire.

‘Blue, Gray and Crimson’ by Sarah Kay Bierle Presents an Unforgettable Civilian Story of Gettysburg

TEMECULA, Calif., July 27, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Sarah Kay Bierle’s new novel, “Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg” will educate and inspire young readers and their families as it brings the American Civil War to life.

Blue, Gray & CrimsonBierle’s first book, released earlier in July, offers her unique perspective on the civilian heroes of the Civil War and shines a light on their valor and bravery. Published as historical fiction, Bierle describes her novel as “a story in which the main characters are fictional, but are surrounded by and interacting with real historical figures, settings, and events in a way that accurately reflects the societal norms of the era.”

Bierle’s extensive research unearthed the real life experiences of Gettysburg civilians. When asked by an inquirer how she researched the facts about the American Civil War and Gettysburg, Bierle responded, “I spent eight months studying Gettysburg civilians, the town and countryside, the battle, certain military units, the care of the wounded, the aftermath of the battle, the building of the National Cemetery, and the events surrounding Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.” She continued, “I used approximately thirty books on the subjects, reliable websites, and sources from Gettysburg National Military Park research library.”

Sarah Kay Bierle is a historian, writer, and living history enthusiast who has wanted to write books since she penned a first sketch of “Blue, Gray & Crimson” at the age of nine. Bierle was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, completed an accelerated distance learning program for college, and graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a BA in History.

When asked why parents should buy “Blue, Gray & Crimson” for their children, Bierle replied, “This book presents historically accurate information through an unforgettable story of courage and faith. Using real, likeable fictional characters, the story emphasizes traditional family values and positive character qualities to encourage, teach, and entertain young readers.”

While “Blue, Gray & Crimson” is a historical fiction novel, it reminds readers that God is their refuge and strength…no matter what happens. Even when a peaceful world explodes with battle, chaos, and confusion, God is still there; He still cares for His children, and He has a purpose.

“Blue, Gray & Crimson” is available online at the author’s website Gazette665, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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