2018 Civil War Conference: Why Host A History Conference?

It’s conference week at Gazette665! Which means yours truly is quite busy preparing for the event this weekend, handling last minute details, and fielding questions. One of the questions I regularly hear is “Why does Gazette665 host a history conference?”

I thought today might be a good time to share a little part of my company vision and answer that question. Grab a cup of tea (extra caffeine for me) and here’s the long-winded answer: Continue reading

2018 Civil War Conference: Event Traditions Continue

Tradition…tradition… Can you have traditions after just three years? We think so. There are definitely some traditions you’ll see at our Third Annual Civil War History Conference on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

I thought today it would be fun share how some of these Gazette665 event traditions got started and why we’re so excited to continue. Then, next week I’ll share why Gazette665 started hosting history conferences and some of our hopes for the future! Stay tuned – big happenings ahead and the traditions becoming more firmly rooted… Continue reading

2018 Civil War Conference: Historical Displays

One of the joys of conference coordinating is reading the surveys after the event. What did guests like? What do they suggest for improvements? How can this shape the plans for the next conference?

At the first conference, we had seven speakers and short breaks; guests wanted longer breaks. The second year we had six speakers, longer breaks, and bored guests. This year – lucky number three[?] – we’re trying to find a happy balance. Six speakers, moderate breaks, and something to do during the breaks!

Gazette665 is very excited and proud to expand the learning opportunities at the 2018 Conference, inviting more presenters to share their research and artifacts through historical displays. (We trialed the idea in 2017 with a single display.) Today’s blog post introduces the wonderful researchers and groups presenting special historical displays during the afternoon breaks at the 1863: Battling For Freedom. Continue reading

1861: In Their Words – An Introduction

Welcome to the new blog post series on Gazette665:

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their Words

As the 155th Commemoration of the American Civil War begins this year (2016), I thought it would be appropriate to start a series focusing on the pivotal year in our nation’s history. If the series is popular, then you just might find it continued for the next four years of the 155th. (Hint: comment, like, and share!)

Today’s the introduction, and you’ll find out the “what, where, why, how” of the series. Read on… Continue reading