Tea With Sarah: Living History, Evening Thoughts, & Out For Tea

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

Thank you to our blog readers who sent questions to enliven the conversation this weekend. We’ll be talking about living history, historic thoughts, and places to enjoy tea… Brew a cup of your favorite flavors, and let’s inspire each other.

Feel free to share your thoughts or answers to the questions in a comment. It’s always nice to hear from readers!

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Overheard At A Re-enactment

A Military Camp at a Re-enactment

A Military Camp at a Re-enactment

You can hear the most amazing things at re-enactments if you stop and listen. Canvas tents and flies flapping in gusty wind. Horses whinnying for breakfast. Reveille. Drums. Cannons. Or the most amazing comments…

One of the best “overheard at a re-enactment” statements I’ve ever heard is this emphatic, without-a-doubt, super positive statement: (Ready, brace yourself, here it is…)


“They didn’t use bayonets in the Civil War.”

And I guess you never even watched the movie Gettysburg, did you? Well, I won’t send you a list of sources to check – instead watch this video. [WARNING: EXTREME SPOILERS –  you may not want to watch if you haven’t seen the whole movie, see postscript note at end of this blog post]

Dear Re-enactment Spectator: if you don’t know, please ask. I’m confident somebody would be willing to answer your question! We’ve heard lots of questions, but most of us like to educate. Come ask…

And now an invitation to bring your questions about civilians during the War Between the States, the war in Virginia, “Stonewall” Jackson, or other topics of interest to the “McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia” on April 11-12, 2015 to the Prado Park Civil War Re-enactment. I believe Confederate White House will also be attending this events, so bring those hard to answer Southern questions too.

Hey, if we don’t know the answers, we’ll tell you…and I will never ever tell you that they did not use bayonets in the Civil War.

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Okay, the disclaimer… Gettysburg is rated PG13 for battle scenes and language. I am not endorsing this movie. However, if a “mild” war movie doesn’t bother you, it’s worth seeing…at least once…maybe twice…oh maybe we could watch it again.

The other warning – if you see the movie – you might have a new historical hero or two or three. Then pull out the history books and track what was real and what was slightly fictionalized.

3 Days ‘Til Moorpark 2014

This video was filmed at a Civil War Re-enactment in Pennsylvania…  If you’re on the west coast of the US and thinking “I would’ve loved to go, but couldn’t make it to Pennsylvania”, fear not.

MOORPARK CIVIL WAR RE-ENACTMENT 2014 starts in 3 days and is the largest Civil War event west of the Mississippi River. Here’s a link with lots of information. (And remember: the event’s at a new location this year, so check for the new address.)

“McGuire Home, Winchester, Virginia,” Civil War Living History Group is attending this event. (Yeah, I need to go finish ironing about 15 yards of calico skirts…). We have some new display items and will be packing a Christmas box for the McGuire men who are with the Confederate military…can you guess some of the practical items we’ve accumulated? (I’ll post some photos of the display and event next week, in case you’re not attending).

Check out the new Living History pages. And if you’re attending this event or another Civil War re-enactment you may find this page (and the Student Questions) helpful!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. Oh, by the way, the video clip is supposed to portray the Battle of Fairfield (July 3, 1863). Captain Hugh McGuire of the 11th Virginia Cavalry fought there.