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Stop Here! George Washington’s Office Museum

Located approximately seventy-five miles west Washington D.C. at the northern end of the Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Winchester offers rich history and well-preserved historic sites. Though Civil War or music history probably first comes to mind from Winchester’s past, George Washington … Continue reading

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Historic Gardening: Practical & Pretty, Kitchen or Formal?

Moving forward along the U.S. History timeline, we get to the early settlers and the Colonial Era. In some cases, Native Americans shared their crop growing techniques with the new settlers. Obviously, in the earliest settlement and colonial days (and … Continue reading

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Searching for Religious Freedom

Many of the early colonists came to America seeking religious freedom. “The Pilgrims” might come to mind (more on them and what they were really seeking next month) or maybe the Quakers of Pennsylvania. Yet one man was so troubled … Continue reading

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