1864: “Being An Invalid”

Baltimore, Md.

August 20, 1864

Dear Emma

I doubt not but you are wondering why I, of late, am so delinquent in replying to your letters. The reason, which I will state, is from no lack of desire to be prompt, but the heat has such an effect on my shoulder, coupled with my duties, which are not so arduous but of such a nature as oftentimes to incapacitate me entirely, for writing letters. I trust you will consider my circumstances, being an invalid, and pardon me for my delays accordingly. Will you?

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1863: “Who Can Count The Cost Of War?”

Providence La.

March 16th 1863

My Dear Jennie,

Another bright beam has come to cheer the darksome way of the wandering soldier boy, another happy moment calls me to thy side while I would gladly peruse thy dear message of the 28th ult, that came on the 24th inst, would that I could lay aside this tardy medium. Oh how cruel! Yes cruel that I cannot greet thee as two months ago, but perhaps tis well life cannot all be sunshine. Yet I should not complain when the recipient of such a dear letter as yours of the 28th ult. Continue reading