8 Things You Should Know About Civil War Veterans & Lighthouses

As I worked on research for Lighthouse Loyalty, I was surprised to find Civil War veterans taking jobs at lighthouse keepers. In many ways, lightkeeping could have been a perfect job for a Union veteran, even if he had been injured during the war. It’s another unique tie between maritime history and the Civil War.

Here are eight things to consider about lighthouses and veteran lighthouse keepers after 1865 and how I was able to incorporate some of the details into the historical novel:  Continue reading

American Lighthouses: Middle Atlantic

We’re continuing our overview journey and looking at different types of lighthouse styles found along different regions of the American coastlines. Last week we discussed New England, and today we’ll journey a little farther south and explore some of the lighthouses in the Middle Atlantic region.

There are beautiful “traditional” lighthouses in this area and also some unique screw-pile lighthouses, designed to withstand weather and ice. Read on to learn more about the regional challenges and a memorable story about lightkeeping in the Middle Atlantic region.

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American Lighthouses: New England

What do you imagine when I say “lighthouse?” A stormy scene? A breath-takingly beautiful rocky coast with a picturesque lighthouse perch on a cliff? A tall, tall tower reaching into the sky (or so it seems)?

I used to always associate lighthouses with New England. They fit nicely into the maritime history of the region and many of the quaint and picture-perfect structures are in that region. Also, New England tourism markets lighthouses and frequently uses them as symbolism.

In recent weeks, we’ve discussed the purpose of a lighthouse and their beginnings in American history. As the Lighthouse Board took over and worked with engineers more aids to navigation were constructed along the United States coasts and lakeshores. This month we’ll be looking at the different styles of lighthouses and discovering the unique features of lighthouses in the various regions of the U.S.A. And we’ll kick-off our discussion with a trek to New England through text and photos to discover some lighthouses in the region. Continue reading