The Grand Union Flag

Nope, we’re not talking about a Civil War flag. We’ve moving about four score years farther back on the historic timeline this month to discuss flags used by the Americans during the War for Independence.

Today’s featured flag has historically been considered the first flag national flag of the United States. The design – approved by the Continental Congress – was widely used in 1776 and 1777 prior to the adoption of the “Betsy Ross Flag” which is usually associated with the conflict.

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“Thus Always To Tyrants” – 1st Virginia Brigade Flag, 1861

Flags. Simple cloth with so much meaning. In the last year, there have been fierce debates about certain flags from the Civil War era; to re-hash those arguments and re-fight those battles is not the purpose of the June’s Historical Theme of the Month on Gazette665 –
“Battlefield Banners: Flags of the American Civil War.” Instead of focusing on the “national” flags, I thought it would a positive experience to learn about some of the colors carried by certain units – regiments, brigades, etc. Continue reading