1862: “How I Long To Hear From You”


January 20, 1862

My own precious Child,

I may venture to write now, that it may be, you are stationary. It has not heretofore occurred to me that a letter upon my part was to be thought of. How I long to hear from you, how I long to see you, but I must wait, you are in the Path of duty, & may God grant it to be the path of safety for this world, as well as the next. I am a poor weak Christian, but I am greatly supported, I do try to rest upon my Heavenly Father, & look to him for that help that he alone can give, your great exposure to the cold & wet, the fatigue you undergo & sometimes hunger too, are calculated humanly speaking to injure your health extremely, but I know with the kind protection of Heaven you can escape all harm & I pray God to grant us such a mighty blessing… Continue reading

1861: “Directions About Home…”

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their Words

May 13, 1861

…I was interrupted and I have not been able to write another line since and I have missed the chance of the morning mail. It is now arriving, and alarms have great been given & our troops are moving in large bodies in two directions but I am sure it is a false alarm, and now as I write an office has just appeared & informs me it is so. A heavy rain is falling & our troops poor fellows are out in it.

My position here is very prominent. I only fear I cannot sustain myself, the duties are exceedingly heavy but of this say nothing. I am sure I have so far gained friends and reputation, I speak to you as I would speak to myself. Army officers are reporting to me for orders every day and I feel quite out of place. I do not know when or whether I shall at all receive an appointment as Adjutant General. I know that Col Jackson has written a very strong letter in my favour but it [is] a post which I fear I may fail in if appointed. Our force is being enlarged now greatly and as they come in my duties increase. Continue reading