“Crafting” With Gladness: Colonial Clove-Decorated Fruit

Today is a Christmas Craft Day on Gazette665. And this is the first of three blog posts in one day!

We have three special projects prepared for you…and – best of all – they are related to the first three stories in With Gladness! (Watch for two more craft days later in the holiday season…)

Christmas Clove Decorated Fruit

A wonderful old-fashion Christmas decoration is clove decorated fruit. It was featured in Colonial Era decorations and remained popular for many decades. In the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (post-Civil War) clove apples are mentioned as simple gifts.

So what is clove fruit? It’s fruits – usually apples or citrus – decorated with whole cloves. They were used in wreaths, fruit pyramids, centerpieces, or just set on their own in a room. Clove fruit smells amazing – sweet and spicy! Continue reading