1863: “We Are Making History”

October 13, Tuesday (In Clarksburg)

Read the diary of an English officer who was in the Pennsylvania Campaign and at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was evidently penetrated with the Southern views on that occasion but his account of the battle is graphic and interesting. He scorns the idea of the Southern power being broken in that battle, but his account differs from what I hear in Virginia at Martinsburg. Continue reading

Something Different This Friday: Blog Posts About Traveling

This week has been a little crazy with an editing/writing project. (Details coming later!) So…unfortunately, I don’t have the blog post series for the Fridays in October started.

However, I thought I’d share two blog posts I’ve recently written for Emerging Civil War. This summer I did some traveling and research in Virginia and Maryland, and these are two wonderful places I was able to visit. Photos and article links are listed below. Continue reading