History Read-Along: Gunner’s Run, Chapters 29-31

It’s the final installment of our weekly read-along through the historical fiction novel Gunner’s Run by Rick Barry. Give us a vote in the comments if you prefer nonfiction or historical fiction read-alongs, and we’ll take your opinions into consideration as we plan for 2019!

We’re aware this post is one week overdue and send our apologies. Let’s just say, we hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours and when a loved one is home on military leave – that’s simply the most important. We’re aiming to get back on schedule and stay on schedule through the rest of the holiday season.

Even though this is the ending of the book, there are no major spoilers – just some historical details and facts from World War II.

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History Read-Along: Gunner’s Run, Chapters 4-6

Ready for more historical fiction? We’re reading and discussing chapters 4, 5, & 6 of Gunner’s Run by Rick Barry. If you’re still reading, no worries… We don’t have any major spoilers (without warnings) in this blog post, just some extra history to go with the story!

Chapter 4 – Extra History

Let’s talk about parachutes. A couple weeks ago a friend and I were questioning the history of parachutes. When did they come into existence? When did military pilots start wearing them? Since there’s a parachute in this chapter, I thought it might be fun to share some of the history we learned… Continue reading

History Read-Along: Gunner’s Run, Introduction

We’re going to do another read-along on Gazette665 this autumn, and our new book is family friendly and historical fiction! I’ve read this historical novel before and it was one of my favorite history story books in the high school years.

It’s got fast-paced adventure! It’s set in World War II (so we’ll continue “World War II Wednesdays)! There are airplanes, prison escapes, good character qualities, faith struggles, and a glimpse at different responses to the war in Europe. Continue reading