“Singing In The Rain”

Two posts today! And like Meet Me In St. Louis, this other musical started as a movie and was later developed for stage. With absolute classics in music and even an actor’s pose, this film and play has made history and top lists for decades.

“Oh what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again” to be talking about Singin’ In The Rain and the historical setting of this musical.

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Tea With Sarah: Favorite Classic Musicals!

It’s time for tea…

Gather ’round because we’re talking about favorite musicals and keeping with the August theme at Gazette665. Whether you love to see these entertainment gems performed on stage or filmed for the screen, let’s chat about classic musicals with historical inspiration that were Broadway hits.

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“Annie Get Your Gun”

Once upon a time, I received tickets to a community theater to see Annie Get Your Gun for my birthday. Purposely, I didn’t research the history about Annie Oakley because I wanted to thoroughly enjoy it and not sit there thinking “that’s not the way it really happened.” (The curse of being a researcher…)

But there is some historical truth that inspired the stage productions, so here are some details.

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“The King & I”

Gazette665’s theme of the month for Friday blog posts in August 2018 is History On Broadway: A New Look At Musicals. Ever wondered if there was historical fact and truth behind some of Broadway greatest musicals?

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite musicals with you and uncovering some of the real history behind the fabulous entertainment. Today, we’ll feature the Roger and Hammerstein musical The King and I.

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