Whaling: An Introduction & A Statement

We’re transitioning into the next three month subject in our series on 19th Century American Maritime. Whaling.

Realizing this can be a debatable subject, I thought it might be good to clarify why I’m choosing to write about it, explain my views, and detail the types of blog posts you’ll see in the coming weeks. I hope you find the history fascinating while, at the same time, realizing that it was harmful and dangerous maritime industry which is no longer practiced in modern America. Continue reading

Maritime – An Introduction & Some Definitions

19th-century-american-maritimeThere’s something wildly irresistible about the sea. Its natural beauty, its legends, its call for courage. The maritime world has its own history – often connected to the history of nations – but still uniquely its own.

Gazette665’s new series explores 19th Century American Maritime. It’s a year long study – drawing from my research notes from the past two years. We’ll explore the foundations of American maritime (going back to the Colonial and American Navy beginnings), the whaling industry, lighthouses, and the Civil War era blockade runners which introduced a new era of maritime history with improved technology.

So…today’s blog post will give you a glimpse of what’s to come and cover some practical terminology that will be helpful in the series. I’ll also reveal something ironic about my love of maritime and my life… Continue reading