5 Medieval Battles & What To Know About Them

There were hundreds – maybe even thousands – of battles, skirmishes, and sieges during the Medieval Era. Some were world and history changing – others weren’t.

Today, I’ve picked five battles from the Middle Ages that I think everybody should know something about…and I’m promising not to get bogged down with all the tactics and strategies. This is just an overview of the highlights and you should explore further on your own.

(Maybe some of Jim Hodges audiobooks could help with that? I’ll make it easy and even tell you if there is a book which details the battle.)

Now, off to the battlefields with the knights to see how they altered history! And this is your final chance to decide if you think the Middle Ages were characterized by Chivalry or Medieval Madness… Continue reading

A Knight & His Weapons & Chivalry

knightly-armorA Knight in Shining Armor is probably one of the most memorable images that comes to mind when thinking of the Middle Ages. A knight defended his king or feudal lord, sometimes riding to battle, going on a crusade, or defending a castle. And just how does he fit into our quest to see if it’s an age of Chivalry or Medieval Madness? Read on…

The path to knighthood was rigorous and not allowed for just anybody. Once he attained warrior status, the knight had to be ready to use his weapons in defense of honor and chivalry. Chivalry – that strange term I keep using…well, today I’m going to define it in the Medieval definition. Continue reading