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Looking From The Sky, Drawing A Map

Imagine being able to see and draw the topography and enemy troop positions from a bird’s eye view… That would offer advantages and an easier experience than the traditional mapmaking methods used during the American Civil War. Sketching from a … Continue reading

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See It, Measure It, Draw It – Creating Civil War Maps

Continuing the discussion of mapmaking during the American Civil War, we must ask the question: how were the maps made? Last week we highlighted the need for maps, but how did the cartographers actually solve the problem and create the … Continue reading

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10 Things To Know About Civil War Maps

I’ve always been the type of researcher that wants a good map. Give me the battle details and a good map and I can follow along, but without a map – if I don’t already know the terrain and maneuver … Continue reading

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Maps & Charts: Works Of Art?

Maps and charts were necessary tools for navigation during the 19th Century. Without radios, GPS locators, and other location tracking devices, captains and crews relied on mathematical calculations, shore or celestial observations, and prepared maps and charts to help determine … Continue reading

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